Creative Confinement: Author Patti Callahan

This self-isolation is difficult for all of us in different ways. For an extrovert, this feels like a punishment. And yet it offers me new ways to connect with those I love. I have been doing Facetime, virtual events, and online I gathered nine authors who are also experts in other things and did a daily newsletter with advice on how to handle this isolation.

From cooking to decorating to meditation to organising, as soon as I knew we would be locked down, as soon as I knew my US paperback tour was cancelled, I knew I had to find a way to connect in different ways. I am also trying to use this time to do some things I have put off: learning Gaelic (so hard…tips are welcome!!!!), organising my e-life like emails and photos, and writing cards to people for encouragement. Cooking more. Walking more. Breathing deeper to calm the anxiety.

View of Patti's dog at her home

I think we put a lot of pressure on each other to say that we must  use this time for something very specific – like we must turn inward or we must produce or we must do this or that. I think this time is very different for each person. My empty nest is now full; my little sister has four school age children at home, and my dearest friend is alone in the mountains. None of us have any precedent, so let us join in the ways that we can and be gentle with ourselves and each other.

Patti xoxo

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