Creative Confinement: Author Shaun Curry

Being cooped up inside for long periods of time is never easy. Fortunately, I just read an interesting article penned by a NASA astronaut on how to effectively deal with isolation. The isolated “spaceman” provided a number of useful tips, including:

-Following a schedule

-Pacing yourself,

-Going outside (if possible)

-Taking up a hobby

-Keeping a journal

-Taking time to connect with others

-Listening to experts.

Personally, I think these are all great ideas and I’m trying to follow them. There are also many other good options. In my case, I like spending time in isolation by trying to keep fit and exercising indoors. I have already resigned myself to doing a large number of push-ups a day and I have also taken up yoga. YouTube has some fantastic online yoga sessions with terrific instructors and I am enjoying these virtual experiences immensely.

Just last night, I did an online yoga session that was filmed in Costa Rica. In addition to feeling great from the physical workout, I genuinely felt like I was doing yoga at the beach – all while listening to soothing ocean waves, a light breeze, and a gentle tambourine in the distance. Who said being cooped up at home cannot be a heavenly retreat?

I’m fortunate enough to have a beautiful view (below) close to where I live.

Stay safe and well.


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