About Harper Inspire

Our Vision

Harper Inspire aims to be a driving force in inspirational commercial publishing with a range of fiction and non-fiction titles – making sure insight, impact and imagination reside at the heart of what we do.

We seek to create and develop titles that will have global and commercial appeal. We find inspirational voices in the UK Christian space and publish them for a mainstream audience.

Launching off a back-list of classic titles, we seek to grow authors who have a marketable proposition, stemming from a Christian faith perspective and distribute them globally.

Our Acquisition Approach

Every title we publish will be relevant, contemporary and have cross-audience appeal. We will publish on three fronts:

  • Insightful non-fiction that offers perception.
  • Impactful fiction and non-fiction that leaves a life-changing impression on readers.
  • Imaginative fiction providing a sharp, dynamic and entertaining read.

Emotion, intrigue and adventure are at the heart of what we do at Harper Inspire. We aim to bring the best and most unique inspirational fiction and non-fiction titles to as wide an audience as possible and provide a contemporary publishing experience for authors. We are dedicated to releasing a select number of distinct titles each year. We want to surround readers with literature that provides motivation and entertainment and are launching with five exciting titles in the first year.

Harper Inspire Titles

Key titles upon launch are Wendy Alec’s Chronicles of Brothers series. The cinematic scope and epic sweep of the Chronicles of Brothers series have won Wendy legions of devoted fans around the world.

The fiction series, a total of five books, is a novelisation of a dark angel’s fall and his subsequent efforts to corrupt humanity in the present, future politics, and business world.

Our non-fiction list has been led by In This Light by The Archbishop and Friends. A timely collection of thoughtful meditations featuring Alan Titchmarsh, Sally Philips, Bear Grylls, Afua Hirsch, Bishop Michael Curry, Secretary John Kerry, Dany Cotton, Elif Shafak, Jo Malone and Sally Lloyd-Jones among others.