The Fall of Lucifer

Before the Chronicles of Brothers , another struggle plays out. Against a backdrop of heavenly gardens, royal palaces, and hellish battlefields, this is a saga of faith, jealousy and betrayal. These are the roots of a war fought for the greatest prize in the universe – the race of men.

This is the first book in the Chronicles of Brothers, Time Before Time series.

In the beginning…

Three brothers – Gabriel, Michael and Lucifer. Royalty. Archangels. United in devotion to their father and all his works.

But when Lucifer learns of their father’s latest creation – a new race, fashioned from crude matter and yet made in his image – he is consumed with resentment. Why have he and his angelic kind been overlooked?

After a bitter confrontation, Lucifer is cast out, doomed to an eternity of exile and punishment.
Unrepentant, he vows he won’t suffer alone. Mankind has made a powerful enemy – one determined to lure it into darkness and torment any way he can…

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